There were so many accomplished female scientists in late 1800s who struggled immensely to get where they were. Why not make movies about them instead totally replacing a male character with a female one just to make it more relevant & completely brushing over the brilliance & bravery of Henry Coxwell. The training sequence took my breath away - you can tell just from that how good it will be this is gonna be awesome and i cannot wait ~ and not gonna lie I like that Gong Li's in it! Love her~ some of the best asian actors are in this movie.

„You‘ll need to marry well“ „But you arent married aunt- „Well, that‘s because I‘m rich“ Haha I love it already🥰.
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I am from the future. saiorse ronan is winning an oscar for this movie.
1:14 what vr looks like on a computer.

We bin getting cringy women are stronger then men movies. Mulan did it her way and it works plz dont change that. Theory of everything: the prequel. Whos here after The King? 🙋‍♀️.

Spidey following Iron Dad's footsteps. MIT at 15

Man, I expect Rachel doesn't spoil this to Joey. I seen this movie floating around and Im still asking Why is this dudes pair of lips so high. Seriously Tom Hollands character looks like hes stoned in the thumbnail. Last time I read Little Women was about 10 years ago, so now I'm rereading it to prepare for watching the movie. Im about a third of the way through the book, and it makes me very happy that I can already identify specific scenes I remembered reading. That is all.

I dont see this being faithful to the book.

  2. Smiling in the Rain
  3. A Misfortune



To Award (Posthumously) Nagradit (posmertno) is a 1987 (filmed 1986) Soviet detective action movie directed by Boris Grigoryev. The story is set in 1945. Soviet frontline scout Yuriy Sosnin (Aleksandr Timoshkin) was considered dead and awarded posthumously, but. 1946 BMW 321 in Nagradit (Posmertno) Movie, 1986. Class: Cars, Sedan — Model origin: Vehicle used by a character or in a car chase. Comments about this vehicle. Author Message; FuegoTurbo. Pictures are property of movie companies owner of the respective movies. Comments are.